Thats what we

were told anyway...

Recorded and Produced by Michael Fortune, 2006.

Launch Compilation
 Selection of stories from all sections
The Bow/The Banshee
Raths and Fairies
Strange Happenings
Customs and Superstitions


That's what we were told anyway... is a collection of local folklore and stories told by people from the Raheen area of Co. Wexford. 

The collection emerged from a Wexford County Council project conducted by artist Michael Fortune with participants of the Raheen Active Retirement Group between the 18th of July to the 8th of August 2006. Since this collection was made, some of those featured in the films have since passed away. The original collection was launched on DVD in the local hall in October 2006.

Featured in this collection are Martin Murphy, Jim Franklin, Mick Kelly, Michael Power, John Kenny, Mogue Curtis, Jim Roberts, Cis McGrath, Mai Franklin, Mary Browne, Kathleen Furlong, Kay Whelan, Mary Byrne, John McDonald, Margo Maloney and Theresa O’Neill.  

The Bow (8 min), Cures (10 mins), Customs and Superstitions (11 min), Raths and Fairies (9 min),  
Launch Compilation (20 min) and Strange Happenings (24 min)

Cures (11 mins), Customs (25 min), Superstitions (10 min), Raths and Fairies (9 min), Launch Compilation (18 min), Strange Happenings (17 min) 
and Local Interest (4 min)  

This part of the project was commissioned by the Arts Department of Wexford County Council.